Celebrate our first birthday with free albums!

Join us in celebrating our first anniversary with a free album. In October 2006 every registered customer of the service will receive a free album of their choice from our catalogue.

Woven Wheat Whispers is a folk music download service with a communal approach. We collaborate with artists, labels and service users to promote folk music and arts. Navigate the music using the left hand menu bar or see general features with the top horizontal menu of each page.

Why we provide music as downloads…

Our service provides folk music as legal digital downloads. This enables us to distribute music quickly at a reasonable cost to customers, giving a greater return to the artist. Albums are available on an enduring basis for artists without costs being incurred. Our customers can browse the store, purchase music and receive it in a few minutes. The music can then be used on a computer, burned to an ordinary CD or put on an MP3 player.

We are able to distribute more music this way as we do not have to store physical products. Using the internet we can help a community to evolve of artists and listeners. We are keen that our service supports future sustainability so it is important to us that a download service avoids the environmental cost of making CDs, packaging and transportation.

Please find below a short profile of the people providing this service.

‘Woven Wheat Whispers’ is delivered in partnership between



 We are pleased to provide some further information below about the service partners and why you can have confidence in them.   Promotional support also provided by http://www.gazetree.com (Richard Moult, artist and composer)
Mark Coyle

Mark has been writing about and promoting new folk music since the late 90s as the, developer and primary contributor to TheUnbrokenCircle web site  which is one of the leading web sites in the area.  This has been featured in magazines around the world plus major music magazines such as Mojo and Record Collector.  Mark acts informally as an unpaid advisor to a number of record companies to identify new artists and to promote emerging talent.

In July 2005, the site was part of a double page feature in The Times newspaper of UK.  Mark have been trading via PayPal for many years and has hundreds if not thousands of transactions successfully completed without any problems.  He is Strategy Manager in England UK working for a European Top 3 IT consultancy and service organisation.  

Mark developed the ‘Lammas Night Laments’ CDr series which has been useful in helping to promote old folk to a new audience and play an active role in developing the music within the media, internet and live circuits (now withdrawn).  Mark is also the moderator of NewBrutonTown email group, one of the most active forums for folk music discussion and promotion on the internet.   During 2005 at TheUnbrokenCircle Mark pioneered a new initiative to make emerging and current folk and related music easier to find and give it a promotional ‘hub’.  This has to date attracted over 250 artists whose music is now featured and promoted via the web site.

 Ian Southworth

Ian is one of the most respected people in the folk music area.  Has been selling and promoting folk artists on LP and CD for many years.  Ian supports artists directly and has been responsible for making a number of albums long deleted available again on CD.  

Ian’s “Broad Tradition” web site is a hub for folk music which is used across the world, although based in UK it is used by collectors and buyers in such as USA and Japan.  Ian is often consulted for his views and is close to a wide number of artists and labels.   Ian is also the writer of a book on UK folk music which we are gradually putting up at the UnbrokenCircle for people to read ahead of publication.

Ian has two books in print and has written articles and done consultation work for Record Collector, Mojo and Q.  Ian has also done work for artists such as Keef Hartley and Michael Chapman.

Our partnership and ethos

Ian and Mark have worked together informally for many years and had both independently been looking for new ways to help folk and related music gain better distribution.  As we are both dedicated to the music and work with artists, we felt the time was right to help distribute albums in a way that would attract a new audience (those using iTunes etc) and importantly, would provide a substantial proportion of the revenue to the artist (50% of all sales revenue).    In developing the new service, they have bought together their experience and long working history to build a strong capability that we are keen appeals to a diverse range of artists, new and old.

The service is jointly developed and is entirely independent from any record company or media interest.  No salary is taken from the service and any profits are ploughed back into the service and distributing further music.  Our business model even at the earliest stages does not lose money and no sunk costs or major investments have to recovered.  It is therefore financially solid and intended to grow substantially in the long term.  We are a music distribution service not a music label  and therefore we are able to work with artists and labels alike.  We make no claim over music copyright and pay 50% of the sales income to the artist for their work.  

We welcome any enquires, promotional, artist or label discussions and providing interviews.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us using the ‘contact’ link shown page top-right.